Whilst high street pawnbrokers have been around

Putting the payment on a credit card needs to be planned carefully – if you’re taking out a new contract, check rates of interest and balance transfers with different providers. Setting a deadline by which the full repayment should be made is also important, remember to set an attainable goal and factor in the cost of any interest charges.A new year is a great time to have a clear out; empty out draws, cupboards, sheds and garages, and designate stuff that hasn’t been used for over a year and could be relinquished – after all, one man’s rubbish is another’s treasure. In this day and age, independent selling couldn’t be easier, whether you opt for online auction si tes, car boot sales or local classifieds. Cash For Cars Sydney

Whilst high street pawnbrokers have been around for years, new ecommerce sites are coming onto the scene and challenging the market place. Offering quick cash for all manner of valuables, some operators even offer sellers a loan period, at the end of which they can either surrender their items or buy them back for exactly the same price – and with no hidden costs or charges. So for those of you looking for a short term boost to pay for a winter trip, this route offers funds straight away with the option to reclaim your goods upon your return for exactly the same price. Sellers should shop around for providers, comparing loan period, interest rates, valuations and collection/admin fees.