How to Cut Glass and Make a Beautiful Piece of Art

When I started out doing mosaic artwork I utilized pieces of glass that are already reduce. I believed that this became the manner to do rose gold glass frames it. I could not reduce glass, or may want to I? It turned out I was unsuitable. I should cut the glass and it changed into not that tough. I learned this at the same time as taking a mosaic workshop magnificence. This allowed me the opportunity to strive glass cutting before shopping any gadget. I immediately have become assured and acquired a few easy equipment. You can cut it as well and I am going to expose you the way.

Here is a list of items that you’ll want for this workout:

Pencil grip glass cutter ($15-$20 I use Studio Pro self lubricating make sure to get oil. You can use sewing gadget oil, three-in-1 oil, lamp oil or kerosene.)

Plastic jogging pliers ($7-$10 I like Leponitt plastic walking pliers 1″ jaw)

Plastic L-rectangular – 300MM ($12-$17 plastic might not scratch glass. This is huge enough for slicing portions of glass for mosaic.)

Stained glass 2″ X 2″ squares ($10-30 relying on size and quantity. The length is a advice for this glass cutting academic. You are more than welcome to move bigger.)

Safety goggles ($2-$12 relying on logo and fashion. Uvex S39610C Stealth Safety Goggles are very “cool”. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WHERE SAFETY GOGGLES WHEN CUTTING GLASS!)

Protective gloves ($5-$15 I virtually use gardening gloves)

Now that you are all prepared we can get began:

Oil is needed to lubricate the wheel of any glass cutter. It maintains the wheel of your glass cutter turning smoothly. It additionally continues them free of tiny glass chips which can get stuck among the wheel and the shaft. It is wanted to hold the rating smooth and cool. It can assist avoid small chips of glass from flying out. The oil enables to keep the existence of the wheel. To fill your glass cutter with oil, unscrew the cap at the stop of the cutter and take away it. Fill the barrel with oil to about 1/three to two/3 complete and update the cap. When you use the pencil grip glass cutter you want to begin via marking the glass for slicing (a pencil, thin marker, or some thing that isn’t everlasting). You most effective need a small mark on the brink where you will begin your reduce. Then region it (marked aspect up) on a solid surface. Place the L-square on the glass and line the out of doors directly area up together with your reduce mark. There is a lip at the bottom of the L-rectangular which you need to have pressed firmly in opposition to the flat aspect of the glass that is closest to you. If you’re going to be cutting along with your proper hand you then should be looking at a backwards L with the right immediately vertical side located at the line that you are going to reduce. Once you’re located you may flip the valve for your pencil glass cutter to allow the oil to drift over the wheel. This can be as small as a half of to one complete flip. Different cutters seem to vary so this might be something you need to test for a while. Use the cutter to make a nick at the mark which should be at the facet closest to you. Start right here while pressing firmly down slide the cutter along the straight facet moving far from you. Keep your motion and strain regular and fluid. At this point you need to have a pleasing straight score. This should be entire from one area to the alternative. Now maintain the larger facet of the score firmly on your hand (I might use my left hand due to the fact I am proper exceeded). Next take the plastic pliers with your free hand (my right). Use them to firmly grip the smaller aspect of the score. Make sure the internal edge of the pliers is coated up with the rating. Now twist the pliers as to fold the glass along the score. You need to do that with the rating being on the outside of the fold. When you get at ease with this technique you could hint circles or make any mark at the glass. This will can help you rating curved strains free hand with out the L-square.

See, that it wasn’t that hard. Now some final phrases for my fellow glass cutters:

When reducing glass you constantly need to be very careful. It is best to have a designated, uncluttered workspace. After each challenge, make certain to clean up very well. I advocate wiping the entirety down with a humid disposable rag. This will assist to get any glass slivers which have been left at the back of. Always remember that practice makes ideal. And in case you are the use of the already cut glass for making mosaic artwork none of the exercise pieces will go to waste.