Australian Stingless Bees – A Safe and Fascinating Way to Maintain your Have Honeybees

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10 of Australia’s 1,500 indigenous bee species are legitimate blue honeybees. These little 4 mm black bees are in the genera Trigona and Austroplebeia. They live in large social colonies using a queen, drones and thousands of employee bees. They make a delectable aromatic honey known as ‘Sugarbag’. But On top of that they do not sting!

They Establish intricate nests inside hollow trees as well as other cavities. The nest is developed from ‘cerumen’, a mix of wax and resin. In the centre in the nest is a delicate brood comb in which the eggs are laid. Bordering this are insulating levels, then clusters of pollen pots and honey pots that resemble small grapes.

Whilst these bees are not able to sting, they will protect their nests pretty correctly in opposition to thieves. They seal up all openings in their nest in addition to the compact entrance gap. Guard bees defend this entrance and may fight off insect burglars by wrestling with them doggedly or maybe workcover qld claim form burying them with resin.

Nectar is collected in the flowers by forager worker bees, then other bees thicken the nectar and keep it inside the resinous honey pots. The ensuing honey has an exquisite aromatic style with sensitive hints of eucalyptus or other bush flavours. It has been prized by Australian Aboriginals for Countless yrs and is named ‘Sugarbag’. A distinct segment honey sector is acquiring for this distinctive item in Australia.

Stingless bees also gather pollen with the bouquets to feed their younger. They may be proving to get successful pollinators of some crops in Australia for instance macadamia, mango and watermelon. Stingless bees like to gather pollen only brief distances from their nests. This conduct is making them productive pollinators of some greenhouse crops which include capsicums mainly because they can cope Using the confinement on the greenhouse better than the eu honeybees can.

Stingless bees can be kept properly in little picket boxes in lots of parts of Australia. Stingless bee keepers are frequently creating new and greater methods for managing predators, insulating hives, propagating hives and harvesting honey.

Australian stingless bees are tropical and only live in the hotter aspects of Australia. They are really located all over Queensland, during the northern areas of Western Australia and in the northern and central parts of the Northern Territory. In New South Wales They can be found only in northern areas As well as in coastal places down in terms of Bega. It is just too cold for your stingless bees in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

The pastime of holding Australian stingless bees is promptly spreading in level of popularity as A growing number of individuals find the delights of retaining these Harmless and interesting Australian honey bees.

Dr Anne Dollin manages the Australian Native Bee Investigation Centre and hosts the Aussie Bee Web site: Pay a visit to this Web-site to learn how to look after Australian stingless bees and to Learn how to acquire a hive of Australian stingless bees.